The word "PULSATE" may just seem like the name of the core name of the brand, but there is a much deeper meaning to it. As a company, we would like to reach ALL areas of fitness rather than simply confining ourselves to the gym scene and the fitness industry viewed by the public eye. There is more to fitness than just the gym.


A pulse is a sign that you are alive. No matter the activity, when we perform in something we are passionate about it undoubtedly makes us feel alive. When viewed this way, your passion is your pulse. More often than not people find themselves shying away from their passions because of the negativity brought on by others' thoughts and words. We want people to stick to what they love doing. Whenever someone is wearing something of ours, we want it to be a reminder to them that they are doing what makes them feel alive and to never stop because of what someone else thinks.



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